Our Vision

After realising how much of a difference being in the Daffodil Suite made to our time in hospital, I feel it is vital to do all we can to help other families feel more comfortable. It’s those precious moments which the families will never get again that are most important. Spending quality time with their angel in an unpressured environment.

In the UK, 1 in every 225 births will end in a stillbirth. That is 9 babies a day. In 2017 alone, 3200 babies were stillborn in the UK. (statistics courtesy of Tommys)

In the unfortunate circumstance where there is more than 1 family needing the bereavement suites I want to ensure that everyone can get the same privileges, within the medical needs of the mother. Being able to have all our family come in and meet Monty all together was so important for me, and the fact that the room wasn’t “clinical” meant that Isabella didn’t really realise she was in hospital. She was able to enjoy those few precious moments with her baby brother which is irreplaceable.

Our mission is to not just paint these bereavement suites a different colour but to provide ongoing support to the up keep of these rooms. Supplying furniture and amenities for the suites along with toiletries, towels, bed linen etc meaning that everything the family will need will be in the room. This will then allow them to create more of those special memories with their baby/ies.

In the UK, latest research shows that 11% of NHS Trusts & Health Boards do not have a dedicated bereavement suite on any maternity unit, 26% of them have a bereavement suite on at least one maternity unit. Of that 26%, 41% do not have a room where the families cannot hear other new born babies. Take a minute and just think about how it must feel for those families. You are in the most unbearable situation where you have lost your child, and whilst trying to understand what’s happening, all you can hear are those first cries of the new born babies down the corridor. No family should be made to experience this when they are already going through the worst thing imaginable. So with the support of all our fundraisers and your donations we plan to tackle these unthinkable statistics. (statistics courtesy of SANDS)

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